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Need help installing a game for the festival?

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Joined: 2006-05-04

Although this whole sub-forum is dedicated to helping people with installing, setting up and running their Free Software games, considering this festival is a special event, if you need help installing any of the games included in the gamefest, you can ask here.

I am not sure which GNU/Linux distribution or operating system (Windows, BSD) does everyone participating run, and if you need help installing please post. I will just post quick (too quick in fact since it's just that easy) instructions for Debian/Ubuntu based systems and Windows:


You need to install tremulous and tremulous-data packages via synaptic or apt-get on command line:

sudo apt-get install tremulous tremulous-data

I thought of using a bacported client, but I am not sure about advantages. HTTP download did not work for me. Still, the differences seem to be minimal enough for even backported client to be a compatibility problem if someone wants to use it. For instructions on how to install it refer to the linked thread.

Alternatively, all GNU/Linux users (regardless of the distro) can install Tremulous from a self-extracting .run file available here. This is also where Windows users can find an .exe installer.


Install nexuiz, nexuiz-data and optionally nexuiz-music packages via synaptic or command line like this:

sudo apt-get install nexuiz nexuiz-data nexuiz-music

Ubuntu 7.04 (feisty) does not have a latest version of Nexuiz, but it can be downloaded and installed from Just download the packages and run them. Upon entering your password it will install. I have to mention that installing from third-party repositories like this is not always recommended, but I've done it on feisty myself and it didn't cause any problems. The packages would appear to be safe.

Ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy) has the latest version of Nexuiz in its official repositories.

Windows users can install Nexuiz by just unzipping the archive that can be downloaded here.


Install openarena and openarena-data packages via synaptic or command line:

sudo apt-get install openarena openarena-data

Same as with Nexuiz, Ubuntu 7.04 does not have the latest version. You can also download and install it from getdeb here.

Newest Ubuntu 7.10 for some reason does not have the latest OpenArena with it either, which is something I don't really understand, but there we go. You can either try playing with the version that is in there, 0.6 or try installing a 7.04 package on 7.10.

Alternatively you can install OpenArena by unzipping it from a package that you can get here. That page also has Windows version for download.

If you have ANY questions, just ask! Smiling


Joined: 2006-03-28
For those of you who are

For those of you who are using Fedora and have problems running a game after installation, fire up Pirut and use search for the game. For some reason Pirut does not manage to install the data-packages as a dependency for the game.
For those who use Fedora and didn't install yet the same tip applies, use the search function and then tick both the game- and the data-packages.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Game versions required for

Game versions required for game fest are here:

For your convenience:

* Tremulous: 1.1
* Nexuiz: 2.3
* OpenArena: 0.7.1
* Armagetron Advanced:

If you have any questions getting these games installed, just ask here!


Joined: 2007-09-10
PCLOS 2007 updated today

PCLOS 2007 updated today from the standard pclinuxos repos falls short.

tremulous and nexuiz (nexuiz-sdl or nexuiz-glx) are ok.

AA is at 2.7.1
openarena is at 0.6.0

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Out dated it is, but you

Out dated it is, but you can download pre-compiled binaries as follows:

AA: here - The x86 bin package or an RPM package should work.

OpenArena: here - Just get it from the Linux mirrors and unzip wherever it is convenient. It is already precompiled and you just have to launch the appropriate binary (on your system probably ioquake.i386).

Joined: 2006-03-28
The Fedora 8 repository has

The Fedora 8 repository has the necessary versions. Just that Armagetron Advanced seems to go by the name of Armacycles Ad (the latter most probably being the remnant of cutting Advanced). But also that version matches.

I'll check the version of the Fedora 7 repository tonight when I come home.

Joined: 2006-03-28
Okay, just checked and the

Okay, just checked and the Fedora 7 repository does not have the required versions, except for Tremulous.
Armagetron Advanced isn't there at all, Nexuiz is just 2.2.3 and OpenArena 0.6.0.

Joined: 2007-09-10
I tried to install

I tried to install armagetronad- but the autopackage website seems to be down and it is necessary for the installation (I also tried apt-cache search autopackage and could not find it on pclos2007).

I'll try again later. LiveCDs of Ubuntu or building from source are two other options. Final option would be to stick with

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