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Need to copy and transfer my OS onto new hard drive

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I have my old OS with files and settings how can i transfer this to a new hard drive. I want to keep all my info intact. I just want to port it. Is there somthing look norton ghost? I neither old or new machine can burn, but i have another that can burn cds. And I have a 128mb memory stick card and reader. Can i make a iso that small.

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Maybe the SystemRescueCD

Maybe the SystemRescueCD might be interesting for you.
It should bring everything you need like Parted/GParted for partition editing, PartImage to save and restore partitions into/from image-files and sfdisk which can be used to store/restore the partition-table of a hard-drive.

And the ISO just has 115MB.

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live CD not needed

You don't even need a live CD. Just stick the new harddrive in the same computer as the old harddrive, partition it (I suggest GParted or QtParted), mount a partition on the new drive, and copy the contents of the old drive's partition to the corresponding new one's. Repeat the last two steps for each partition.

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