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Need To Understand Memory Performance

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Joined: 2006-02-17

I need to understand Linux memory performance. What defines an unhealthy Linux OS as far as memory utilization, paging, amount in paging versus amount in RAM, etc.? There are so many different commands and ways to interpret this, so I wanted to get your viewpoint. Note that my focus in the past thousand years or so of my career have been on programming, and I only took this operations job as a way to keep working after my web dev job was outsourced to another country. That's why I need your help.

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IIRC the rules of thumb

IIRC the rules of thumb are:
- make the swap partition twice as big as the RAM
- if the swap regularly is more than half full, get more RAM.

But these are old rules and may as well be called rules of dumb nowadays. Personally, I consider any use of swap a problem, but that's on a laptop with sluggish disk.

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Something that might be

Something that might be related is an earlier thread on swappiness that you might want to check out. A swappiness setting allows you to control how likely system is to swap.

But I think Taco is right about the use of swap.. Nowadays, it isn't so hard to get more RAM I suppose, at least in the DDR2 arena, and will sure only get easier, so swapping may more and more be becoming a thing of the past.

Well that's as far as I can say about it. As a programmer you probably know quite a bit about memory management in computer programming so that part is out of my domain. Smiling