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New advertising technique: Homepage-jacking?

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Joined: 2007-09-10

Just wanted to share my GGL advertising technique with you:

At any public internet access "terminal", go to the GGL homepage, select the local language and if possible, set it as the homepage or bookmark it. Smiling

I only did it twice so far, once in a hotel and once in a mac store on an i-Phone! ^^

I found it to be a bit similar to the PC-jacking by Manu Cornet, hence the name "homepage-jacking" (any better name is welcome).

But it's safer and a lot easier of course. Eye
(and also doesn't require buying+burning CDs first)

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Joined: 2007-03-01

Seems a bit risky to me. Especially in the mac store. People will probably ask the store's staff about it, and they will say why Lunix is badddddd. It also gives a bad, criminal impression.

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Joined: 2005-12-20
too aggressive
Bjwebb wrote:

It also gives a bad, criminal impression.

Exactly. This method is intrusive and disruptive.

Joined: 2007-09-10
Well, just going to a page

Well, just going to a page and leaving it open doesn't sound very criminal to me. ^^
Setting it as a homepage a bit more maybe...
But I don't see why it's risky.

Anyway, I don't go into shops specifically to do that. But when I surf in shops and think of GGL, it just seems like a natural thing to do. Sticking out tongue

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Well, if you're actually

Well, if you're actually using the shop I don't see a problem if you leave the GGL page open either.

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Joined: 2006-07-13
Definitely a bit risky, I

Definitely a bit risky, I think it all depends on the place and audience. I used to add GGL as a toolbar bookmark in browsers of my university.

Thanks for the creative enthusiasm ;-)

Joined: 2006-03-28
In shops this can work as

In shops this can work as there the systems are just set up with more or less the default settings. On a kiosk-setup, like in hotels, airports or other public places (for example the public PCs in the MTR-stations here in Hong Kong) this most probably won't work.

And actually I have to say that I like the idea of PC-jacking more, although it is more risky. But that really shows the user a difference, as he can actually see that there is something different.
If you, for example, just leave GGL open in the browser and somebody else wants to browse the net it is most likely that he will just type in the URL he wants to visit and never actually read anything on GGL.

Okay, now how do we get ATMs to display GGL after a successful transaction? ;-)

Edit: By the way, once upon a time, many many years ago in a country far far away I used to go to shops and write QBasic-scripts that look like they format the hard-disc. ;-)

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Joined: 2005-12-20
tried this today

I tried this today at the Dell laptops on display at Lollapalooza. Smiling On one laptop was on another page the next time I saw it and I didn't see who used it. The other one I just left on GGL as I walked away.

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