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New forums to be added

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Joined: 2006-05-04

The area which covers faces some tough competition, which is why I have tried to push some diversification here. Hence not running the usual forum software, not pushing so many ads, being specific against RTFM and hosting forums of our partners ( and to make this site more valuable.

It is still hard to get people to post new questions in bigger numbers here, but we're here, chugging alone. The community is alive.

One thing that could further contribute to diversification is emphasizing focus, naturally, to software and applications support more than anything else. This is what may be the natural outcome of a number of application reviews that are coming up.

Another thing that could help is a new forum category, "Mobile Free Software support" which is going to be coupled with a blog. We may also have support forums for here in the same way as there are support forums for and (except that is actually part of Libervis Network Eye ).

What other forum offers Free Software and GNU/Linux support related to mobile devices? I think it could help make Nuxified different than the competition and find a way to an increased number of participants. is a technical support community platform for Libervis Network and everyone that loves what drives Libervis Network forward. Smiling Now a third site will have a support home right here.

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions or opposition to this idea, feel free to say below. I'm not rushing it.