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NEW KUBUNTU user........

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Joined: 2006-12-04


Since yesterday im new to kubuntu and i just dont get it.


How do i install programmes? video and music player for example.. something to get me started.

And drivers..? i have Nvidia Geforce FX5900XT. please help me find and install graphic driver!


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Joined: 2006-01-03
Just click the K menu and

Just click the K menu and choose "Add/Remove programs". You'll find many of the applications you needed there.

And I don't think you need another "graphic driver" unless you want to play some 3D games on GNU/Linux.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Hi and welcome to

Hi and welcome to Nuxified.

To install software on Kubuntu you can use a program called Adept. You have some infos on how to use it here:

You should already have a video and music player installed, though you can install additional ones of your choice from repositories through adept. You should be able to browse various packages in various categories. Each package has a description which makes it easy to know what it is.

About Nvidia drivers, I'm not sure which package needs to be installed for that as I don't own a Nvidia card, but it is almost certainly in a repository called "restricted" and it is proprietary. If anyone has info on that and wants to help.. feel free to.

Best of luck with your GNU/Linux experience and if you have any further questions feel free to ask. Smiling

EDIT: Oh I didn't notice Whistlers reply. I agree with what he says. Smiling


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To install your graphics

To install your graphics driver take a look here.

As for video player look up, using the above method, mplayer, xmms, amrock, beep media player, vlc

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Have a look at Automatix

Have a look at Automatix (main website down ATM, so go to the wiki), which is an easy-to-use program to install certain software not easily available with the official installer program or just common, for example graphics card drivers, p2p file sharing software, skype, the flash plugin, java, and codecs for WMV videos (using these is only legal if you own a copy on MS Windows) and DVDs (using these is illegal in many parts of the world, like the USA and (AFAIK) most of Europe).

Joined: 2006-12-04
Thanks for your tips all!

Thanks for your tips all! greatful. i switched to ubuntu and i find it easier to use. still cant setup my nvidia card, and yes i want to play 3d games:)

Joined: 2005-12-20
piano, you are going to

piano, you are going to have to install the nvidia linux drivers, which can be found on the nvidia website Smiling

Also, you should be able to install them from apt, or adept.

Look for nvidia drivers in adept Sticking out tongue

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