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Non-free Ubuntu drivers: A Nuxified statement?

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Joined: 2006-07-13

Hello everyone,

As you are probably aware there are things happening in the development of the next Ubuntu version, recently. In particular I am concerned about the future of the distro regarding proprietary drivers. Libervisco brought this up several times recently.

Well I found this blog post by Ubuntu developer Benjamin Mako Hill to be extremely well-balanced. I really recommend you read it.

I fully support the opinion he develops in this post, and I thought,

could make a statement to the Ubuntu development community about this?

I am not really thinking of a petition where such and such members sign, but of an official statement that we could outvoice easily. For this, of course, a large majority of us would have to agree to it.
It is my feeling that this would be the case. The statements in the post really cover the opinions I come across here, especially regarding the regard for compromise, and respect for usage of proprietary software or drivers.

So here I ask: could we agree enough on a text very similar to the mentioned blog post, and then publicize it? Thanks for your comments.


PS: I came to find the mentioned post through netcitizen's blog so my thanks go to him/her for talking about it.

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Not a bad idea, but I am

Not a bad idea, but I am still trying to decide what would be my definite view on this. Mako makes some excellent points with which I tend to agree. It also opens some questions which I would like answered. We're also discussing this on which is probably a more appropriate place if we'll get to the "juicy" philosophical details. Eye

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I've made up my mind and

I've made up my mind and posted my points here. The reason why I point there instead of here is to minimize the philosophy-talk on these forums. Maybe the statement should better be issued on behalf of Libervis Network rather than specifically. The two sites are part of that network anyway and some of the core members are active on both sites.

This way we don't paint specifically as a philosophical/political or strategic body. Instead it is just part of a larger body which can be presented as such: Libervis Network.

EDIT: I have to point out that every single member has a say in both and through it in Libervis Network as a whole too. If we vote on something on, then on it will all be counted in forming a majority position of Libervis Network as a whole. Eye


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I agree it should be a

I agree it should be a statement from the libervis network as a whole, and possibly also the friends of the libervis network (such as GGL and polishlinux). There shouldn't be too much philosophy and politics on nuxified, because the goal of this site is to help and not to evangelize... so nuxified should not evangelize more than what is somehow still helpful. But even more important, the bigger the community behind a statement, the less likely it is that it will be ignored.

I appreciate the author of

I appreciate the author of the topic bringing to lite this subject.

This Network has already made a statement. And that statement is that freedom of choice is very important. If this is to be a major controvery we should and can expect derivatives to appear.

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