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Not feeling too well for the upcoming matches

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Hey, I said this in the log but I'll say it before hand, I don't feel like typing it again, so here's the deal in a chat-log:

14:19 [quakenet] <Diomedes:#gamefest.nexuiz> i guess that chinker and Spyro_boy are not here?
14:19 :: Irssi: You are now talking in #gamefest.nexuiz
14:20 <Spyro_boy> Diomedes, I was just about to make aposting on the forums.
14:20 <Spyro_boy> I've been sick for the passed few days.
14:20 <Spyro_boy> I still am and I doubt I'm going to be able to compete for a while.
14:20 <Spyro_boy> if you want, you can disqualify me.
14:20 [freenode] :: Join: Scorpione (i=| to #gamefest
14:21 <Spyro_boy> Diomedes, actually, I did chicken out that first round, so if you want, you can take that score and use it.
14:21 <Spyro_boy> which was around 13-2
14:21 <Diomedes> well, the most matches were not played yet
14:22 <Spyro_boy> mm, well, if you want to wait, you can.
14:22 <Diomedes> so i think that the qualifications will be done in some weeks
14:22 <Diomedes> sure, i can wait
14:23 <Spyro_boy> alright, well, I still have a few other matches, so this applies to a few people.
14:23 <Spyro_boy> since I really don't feel like typing, I'm going to copy and paste this log into a thread.
14:23 <Diomedes> killgenerals will wait too^^
14:23 <Spyro_boy> hehe Smiling hopefully I"ll get better soon.

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No problem man. I hope you

No problem man. I hope you get better soon.

There is no big hurry for qualifications, especially 1vs1 so you could still be able to play if you get better and ready some time later.


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Get well soon.

Get well soon. Smiling