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Nuxified scripts collection site

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Joined: 2006-05-04

This thread is for discussing anything related to the setting up of, a little sub site at to host useful scripts contributed in the past and possibly in the future.

I'm hoping to make the as simple as possible. At this point I don't think we need more for it than an upload facility combined optionally with the ability of the uploader to revise the script (s)he uploaded when he sees fit. I think an anonymous should be able to upload a script as well and just leave it as is, until someone flags it (by commenting or something) as no longer working (due to changes in the system it depends on, as for example, changes in the way some commands work), or suggests a fix or even registers and takes it up for maintanance on his own.

From what I vaguely remember from trying it quite a while ago, PMS (powering EasyLFS site is already capable of most of this stuff.

We could probably use some other software for this too, but if PMS works it might be the best choice to demonstrate PMS at work on one other site besides, to add a bit of variety. Also, I would want to update the theme so it would also demonstrate how it can look differently too. Smiling

Joined: 2006-03-28
What I would like to

What I would like to mention right away is that this system there more or less represents a state that has just been made working in order to be the home for EasyLFS.
Over the last days I have been working on quite a few improvements, mostly on moving all HTML-code out of the PHP-scripts and into templates.
Thus making a design for PMS will be a lot easier once this process is finished.
Also I have added a sitemap, so the system automatically provides a XML-sitemap (which for example can be used with Google) of all the publicly available sections.

Those of you who checked out the EasyLFS-site may have noticed that there is a RSS2-feed which can be used to publish news and other documents (although news currently are the only supported document-type).
Each document-type (as said, currently there's only news) can have a different-template, or just use a default-template, which currently is in use on the site for the news.

There's gonna be some more improvements coming over the next time, for example the possibility to upload files, as this currently is not possible yet (uploading a 400MB CD-image through a web-interface simply doesn't make sense, but it will be useful for the script-collection).

Another feature that is planned is to rework the versioning.
Currently a project and it's packages can have a release-version and a development-version.
This may not be applicable in every environment.
The plan is to introduce "trees". There can be only one tree, or several trees (like the current "release" and "development" versions).
This will make PMS a lot more flexible in terms of versioning.

If anybody has any suggestions I would be glad to read them here.

As this project is approaching a state where it may really be a greater interest for people running projects (finally this thing may end up like something like SourceForge ;-) ) I am thinking to create a SourceForge-project for it, so that I can publish this thing at some point and also use their SVN-service for development.

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Joined: 2005-12-20
might not want to use SourceForge

The problem with SourceForge is that it is ironically run by nonfree software. GNU Savannah was forked from the last free version of SourceForge.

Joined: 2006-03-28
Okay, a little update. The

Okay, a little update.

The project has been applied for and will probably be reviewed on Monday or Tuesday. I don't think there should be any problem of this going through, unlike EasyLFS which was too big for them.

As for the theming of the system (I might have mentioned this already, so you can skip this paragraph in case I'm repeating myself): This should be really easy with the version that's going to be released. All HTML will be moved to templates (and there are quite a few of those by now).
I have been pretty busy on this during the last days and have moved most HTML-code into templates.

Some missing stuff (like managing document-types) is being worked on now too and I am going to add an upload-function for the files.
As I am going to add a page for global settings I guess this might become something that can be turned on and off by the site-admin.

I also plan to add some way to have mail-notifications.

Overall I am quite happy to see my system progressing that way, and I hope it'll be a good platform for the planned script-collection and maybe other projects.

Also, as I would like to mention, this project is a nice playground for some of my classes (which I publish here). 9 of those classes currently are included, 6 of those are used (the other three will get used when mail-support is added).

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Excellent. When it's ready

Excellent. When it's ready to be installed as beta, it will be a good opportunity to test it out as the existing scripts are uploaded and maintained.


Joined: 2006-03-28
Okay, the application has

Okay, the application has been accepted and the project now is hosted at
The current code is available through the projects Subversion-repository and soon I think there will be a first release.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Just a quick note that I

Just a quick note that I didn't forget about this. Hell I didn't forget about most things on Nuxified and Libervis, just have my priorities totally remixed lately towards other projects.. BUT.. I'm still interested in doing this. Eye

Edit: I actually downloaded the EasyPMS SVN tarball yesterday and might try to install it within a week.

Joined: 2006-03-28
I'm still working on

I'm still working on EasyPMS, just not so much at the moment.
But there is a really big SVN-commit coming up some time soon, which will change a lot and make many things more flexible.

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Here's an interesting

Here's an interesting analogue to what you're trying to do:

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Cool, though we have

Cool, though we have something even simpler in mind, just a straighforward upload or paste and browse, no BZR, trunks, branches or whatever. Sticking out tongue

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