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[Off Topic]Email 2 SMS

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Joined: 2005-12-18

Hey guys,
I know this is slightly off topic but I can't seem to find anything anywhere. I have googled but can't find anything on it.
What I want to do is;
Create an irssi script that [when I am *away*] picks up messages with my nick in, it then pm's the user and asks if it is important. If the user responds yes it prompts for a message. They can then enter their message. The script then grabs the message and sends it in an email format to an address that sends it to my mobile/cell phone.
Basically what I need is and email provider that SMS's the email message, but I can't find anything anywhere. It looks like orange does it and I checked with old login details I have as to how easy it is. I can't find anything on it, not even an email a