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OpenArena LAN-Party !

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I am Darkal, one of OpenArena Community representative.

I am in the way to organize OpenArena European supeR,Lan 2011. I would like to make this event more "productive" for open-source community, if you want to introduce some open-source product during this only open-source Lan-Party, you are welcome to send me your suggestions :-)

This event will be around Bassel, in Switzerland or in France.

For people who doesn't know OpenArena yet, it is an open-source FPS game based on Quake III Arena engine. His community contain just about 700 active players.

In opposite to other online FPS, OpenArena community is trying to keep RESPECT and good mindset of players. Very less cheaters, very less insults. Smart and nice community :-)

You can download it here : (0.8.1 version)
with his patch for 0.8.5 :

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Re: OpenArena LAN-Party !

Sounds like great fun! I played OpenArena quite a bit before and it was one of the games included in the Freedomware Gamefest 2007 which I ran with modest success. Smiling

Best of success with the LAN party!

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