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PC-BSD vs GNU/Linux, performance differences

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After reading this PC-BSD vs Ubuntu review I find myself wanting to give PC-BSD a try. Last time I tried any BSD I was wholly discouraged from it because it didn't support my USB modem. But today I have ADSL! This is almost certainly supported (I suppose pppoeconf works there. Smiling ). I'm suddenly excited about it.

So I'm wondering, aside from the usual differences between Ubuntu and PC-BSD, which basically amount to the same differences between any GNU/Linux distros (default desktop environment, package management), one and probably most significant difference is the kernel. We've been discussing performance issues of the Linux kernel in this article before where I also complained that for audio production it isn't very good (needs special optimizations). So I'm really wondering how would PC-BSD compare in that sense?

I realize that Mac OS X is based on BSD. I wonder how similar is its XNU kernel to the one FreeBSD and hence PC-BSD uses. I mean, Mac is known to be a multimedia production platform. Heck, I just read recently that my currently favorite DJ and producer, dutch Armin Van Buuren, actually uses a Mac for his work! So, if kernel has anything to do with performance of multimedia applications on a Mac, perhaps there is something common between it and a BSD?

At the end of the day I'm just interested in what would the overall performance difference between GNU/Linux and BSD be, with emphasis to audio (and video) production.

I'll probably try it one of these days, perhaps write a review article emphasizing how blurred the lines really are, even technically, between Free Software OSs. Code is shared hence available on all Free platforms - it underscores the transition of to a "Free Software everywhere" premise.


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Joined: 2006-05-04
Nobody has any comments?

Nobody has any comments? Smiling

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I once tried PC-BSD, under

I once tried PC-BSD, under emulation with vmware. It has KDE by default, which i dont like. I noticed that net connection was dropped when I used konqueror, so I had to use opera instead. (I prefer it over mozilla). Performance wise, I think it's very similar to ubuntu, but it's more difficult to find easy to use packages for download like ubuntu's vast synaptic packager repository. Now that i have a better computer and more HD space, I'll download PCBSD and run it natively, see if anything has changed.

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In case you want it, some

In case you want it, some benchmarking writeups. (Linux/Unix nbench) (Linux Benchmark Notes) (Linux Kernel Performance)


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