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People needed: XSL Developers

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Joined: 2006-09-11

Hello, everyone.

As many of you know, GLM-endorsed projects will be powered by DocBook because of these advantages:

  1. It will enable us to release these projects in several formats.
  2. Editors and translators wouldn't deal with style-related code, nor redundant code.

But for this to come true, we need XSL developers, the ones capable of making the XSL stylesheets that will turn our projects into websites, PDFs, presentations...

I've setup a new project on our tracker to coordinate the development of these stylesheets, which I've codenamed Metamorphosis. I've documented what the project needs, but it doesn't mean that things must be done that way: On the contrary, it's just an starting point and XSL developers are encouraged to discuss about these features, so that we can add, modify and/or remove them.

The main component of this stylesheet set is the one that will turn the projects into websites, as the website edition of the projects will always be the most visited edition. By the way, I've listed the features of the website transformation, which if implemented, will help to produce an "exact" copy of the current version of the website (by "exact" I mean that visitors should only notice slight differences, but technically, they'll be different websites). Once again, these features are open for discussion; everything is open for discussion.

If you're a XSL developer, please consider helping us out. All we can offer is that you'll get the credit you deserve. If you want to join us, all you have to do is drop me a line (gustavo at gnulinuxmatters dot org) and I'd be glad to give you write-access on our repositories, as well as the tracker. Please feel free to also answer this post.

Once you have an account on the tracker, please create tickets to keep track of the things we have to do.


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Joined: 2006-09-11
I'm going to get in touch

I'm going to get in touch with the developers of docbook-xsl, the software metamorphosis is based on... Some of them might want to help us out.

Please spread this information among the XML/XSL communities you know of, specially those visited by free software supporters.


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