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Program to create human-readable email, but not read by PCs

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Not sure whether to post in "Application Programs" or here - my apology if this is the wrong place.

I'm helping another organization to avoid spam. Right now, their email is all over their
website. A good solution is to use webmail via drupal or CAPTCHA. Unfortunately, I am
not familiar with webmail, drupal, etc. A quick and dirty solution is to post all the email
using "challenge-like" pictures. CAPTCHA is "close" - I'm interested in generating
picture of emails, but not interested in users responding. Are there any programs
out there that will create a human-readable email, but not readable by computers?

Are there other tricks to avoid email spams? I just want to do a quick-n-dirty fix
- not have to learn webmail, drupal, etc.

Thank in advance for your help.


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Well, I'm not a coder, but

Well, I'm not a coder, but I assume it wouldn't be a big job to turn published email addresses into something like name [at] domain dot com where @ and . (dot) are replaced by [at] and "dot" (using something regular expressions with PHP I assume). This way at least spam bots wouldn't be able to automatically use them for sending, although it is conceivable that there are spam bots which replace [at] and dot back into original form in which case you could get a little more creative, like maybe name [a/t] domain com..

Or.. I searched and found this which has a script for turning text into images. Maybe that helps.

I'm quite familiar with Drupal (this site runs it) so in case you decide to go with it you can ask and I can try to help. I didn't use the captcha and webmail modules though, but I can help with the basics (installing, themeing etc..).

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Just recently I found quite

Just recently I found quite an interesting way to do this. Problem is that it requires JavaScript. If that doesn't bother you I'll be happy to post it.

Joined: 2006-06-19
Thank for responding. I got

Thank for responding. I got my answer elsewhere. One trick is
to convert the href to ASCII as in

Another idea was to change the characters in the email.
These ideas are not fully spam-proof (as spammers often use
cheap human laborers to catch anything interesting) but
these methods should reduce spams significantly.


p.s. repiter, I did want to avoid learning javascript too.

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