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Question about forums

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You know how on like Nuxified, the forum system can have an article, it gets flagged by a moderator, and it miraculously appears on the homepage? Well, I'm a PHP freelancer and I need to do something similar.

However, instead of using Drupal, I am using TextPattern CMS for the homepages and subsequent site pages, and phpBB for the forum system.

All I really need to know is if phpBB will let me provide an extra attribute on articles which moderators in phpBB can flag, and which end users (authenticated or not) cannot see this extra attribute. If this is possible, then I can query on that and draw it back in a screen gadget inside TextPattern CMS.

Some background... TextPattern CMS (TXP for short) is a simplistic CMS. You basically start with your XHTML page templates, insert special TXP tags inside, and the publishing system in the CMS automatically fills in those tags. But in my case we won't be using the CMS publishing system except to draw our pages and hang gadgets on them. And another cool feature is that there's a TXP tag for generating a custom gadget which can call a web page. So, I can build custom gadgets that draw data over MySQL from the phpBB database, and then redisplay it in the CMS.

P.S. If you ever check out TXP, remember that there's two addons that make it worth while. Otherwise, it will likely be a waste of your time. These addons are "hak_tinymce" and "Aeron MyAdmin". The first addon gives you a WYSIWYG editor in the CMS. The second addon makes the interface look more professional as if it was Joomla.

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As far as I know, there's

As far as I know, there's nothing like this directly.

My suggestion, if you feel up for a 20 minute hack, would be to create a database attribute in phpbb_topics like 'topic_flagged', edit the phpBB moderator or admin control panels and create a simple checkbox or radio button and have it set the 'topic_flagged' attribute as needed.

Then on your CMS simply do a SELECT to pull in the topics that have 'topic_flagged' set to true. I did something similar to that to integrate Wordpress and osCommerce, actually.

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Joined: 2006-02-17
Thanks, Kevin. I'll look

Thanks, Kevin. I'll look into this. Might be exactly what I need.

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