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Reorganization: The GLM Tracker and Animador

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Joined: 2006-09-11

Hello, everyone.

My main goals for this summer are:

  • To get more GLM collaborators and supporters.
  • To give them incentives. We cannot give money at this moment, but we can do small things to let them know that we appreciate their effort; Olivier's idea of GGL t-shirts is the first step forward, and I think we can do more.
  • To make it very easy for collaborators to do their job, without sacrificing the quality of the projects.

So, I've been working on several projects, but none of them is ready. I've been working silently because it's not easy for me to explain what (IMHO) we need, without giving you an outline. Now that I've setup many things, I can finally explain (with examples) what I think is worth doing.

The GLM Tracker
Our project manager is death, and it should not. I myself have forgotten about it, but it is indispensable for any organized group. Also, just like our svn browser, the manager is powered by a very unstable/buggy software.

On the other hand, for the initial stage of our future projects (like First Steps in GNU/Linux), we should use a planning wiki, so that we all can build a draft of these projects, before implementing them in DocBook. Once the draft is ready, we would implement the draft using DocBook.

For the above reasons, I've setup an all-in-one solution: The GLM Tracker, which is powered by Trac. The aim of this website is to enable GLM to coordinate the development of its current and upcoming projects.

As any NGO, we have two types of collaborators: Volunteers (like translators, developers...) and supporters (those who donate money, link to our sites...). So, if we want to encourage people to help us out, we should take into account that we need to address two different, but interrelated communities.

This is why I've been developing Animador. In English, "Animador" translates as "someone who encourages people to do something" (but it can also mean "entertainer").

Animador is made up of two modules: The staff and supporters module. These are some of its features;

  • Supporter module:
    • It'll implement a link exchange system, as explained here: . I'm happy to say that it's ready.
    • It'll automatically handle donations from PayPal and MoneyBookers, in order to keep track of our donors, so that we can acknowledge their financial support on our website.
    • It'll enable us to display a random supporter on some of our webpages, every time they're loaded.
    • It'll automatically publish the stats once a month, to show the top referrers and donors.
    • It wouldn't be mandatory for people to create an account, but if they act as anonymous, they wouldn't get the credit they deserve.
  • Staff module:

As expected, these features won't be implemented in one go. Hopefully, the first module will be released next week.


I have more proposals, but I need more time to prepare them. I'll post them soon.

What do you think about this? Please, criticize with no mercy!


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Joined: 2006-09-11
By the way... I'll create

By the way... I'll create an account for each of our current svn commiters on the Tracker, unless you think the tracker is not a good idea.

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Joined: 2006-07-13
This is just great

This is just great Gustavo.
I haven't got the skills to participate in this, (barely enough to really understand ;-)) but it will certainly help a lot. We will talk about this in Madrid in a few weeks. =)

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