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Rules and guidelines

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- formally endorses the Free Software Movement, GNU Project and the GNU/Linux operating system as well as any other operating system or software program that can be considered Free Software under the Free Software Definition.

- Since this site is made primarily to encourage community support for Free Software and not proprietary software it is therefore possible that questions regarding solely proprietary programs may receive less response than those regarding Free Software. If someone asks a question about solely proprietary software he or she should not be anyhow attacked for it (that would be considered breach of rule 3 below), but instead offered advice that may lead them to use a Free Software alternative. Please, no abrupt RTFMing!

- We encourage you to use correct terminology on this site. A good and recommended reference to follow is at from the GNU website. This is however not a strictly enforced rule, but a strong recommendation. Don't flame anyone for using different terms. Attempt to educate instead.


1. No spamming, blatant self promotion or any kind of "excessive" advertising.

Spamming is the act of sending unsolicited electronic messages in bulk. What is to be considered as spam on is basically what is being considered as spam anywhere else on the web, messages posted with no apparent relevancy to the topics of this site posted mainly in order to promote some other site and product. Spammers are usually not contributing members of the community and are therefore easy to recognize. Thus our message to spammers here is: don't bother. All spam will be deleted or locked. Blatant self promotion is considered spam. Job advertising is also not welcome.

You are allowed to put a link or few to your websites, but you are not allowed to put images in your signature (except smileys/emoticons). Also, your signatures should not be more than 4 lines long.

For the "accidental" (didn't read the rules) breach of this rule section, we'll tolerate one thread, but all additional threads or posts that breach this rule may trigger the deletion of the user.

2. No cross posting or double posting.

Cross posting or posting the same topic or post in more than one forum or threads is not allowed. Please decide on the most appropriate place for your post and post it only there. If you however make a mistake and post in the wrong place, you may let as know by sending a message to the administrator or the moderators requesting them to move the thread to the more appropriate category and forum.

It is possible to make a "double post" by pressing the submit button more than once while trying to post a reply. You can delete one of the double posts yourself. If you miss a moderator will probably find and delete one of the posts for you.

3. No flaming, rudeness and talk of hatred

We'd like to keep this place in as much as positive spirit as possible. And while we encourage debates and discussions we do not allow flaming and fighting across these forums. If you must fight with another member, do it in private by or our messaging system or email. If we see a public fight or flaming or any kind of rude posts we may delete it and warn the user. However, we encourage you to be tolerant of other's views and try to get along.

Also please don't abruptly throw RTFM posts at new users. If you want them to read the *friendly* manual tell them what manual to read. Be nice!

4. No pornographic content.

Posting threads and posts regarding pornography and alike content is not allowed. This goes especially in regard to images. Please keep pornographic content and even content displaying nudity off the forums. This goes for any images posted or linked to from this site including attachements, inline images, and avatars.
The public display of affection toward a certain person is also not allowed. Please, do it via PM system.
This is definitely not a kind of a forum for the above mentioned content and actions and this should be quite clear from browsing the site after a few moments. If you are interested in such things that is fine but this is not the place for it. Please respect the community and the purpose this forum serves.

5. No illegal activities such as warez talk and exchanges, planning unauthorized copying, discussing creations of computer viruses etc.

Any kind of illegal activity is not allowed. This includes posts and threads that are related to warez, hacking (in negative and illegal manner), "piracy" and alike. Free software in this forum in no way refers to the software copied without authorization ("pirated") and warez, cracks and other ways of making proprietary software free to you. The term free software relates to the software published under licenses (such as GPL, LGPL, BSD etc) that allow free usage, copying, redistribution and modifying the source code and not to cracked proprietary programs. However, of course, discussing the affects of something like warez in relation to free software or similar is acceptable and fine.

6. Try to keep the site layout unobstructive when posting content other than text

Posting images with too big width may in turn considerably increase the width of the page itself making it less readable. In order to avoid that please post images of width not greater than 600 pixels. Alternatively you can just link to the image.

In addition, when posting links that are very long and could also result in disrupting the layout of the page, please make it a link with anchor text instead.

For example something like:


would look better than just:

To make a proper link use the bbcode URL tag:

[url=]link title[/url]

7. Please review your posts and comments for any errors before submitting them in order to make them easier and more comfortable to read. This is not a strict rule and so it wont be enforced as such, but it is a guideline that we'd like to uphold and encourage you to strive to follow for easier reading, and avoiding misconceptions due to errors.

Keeping the rules:

If you are not sure if the activity you're going to undertake on our forums is in contradiction with the rules or not, feel free to PM the administrator or any of the moderators about what you want to do and we will let you know if we will allow it or not. This way you'll be sure you're not breaking the rules.

Reading the rules before you do anything and trying to respect them is probably the best way to keep them. If you don't understand certain rule or rules, feel free to PM the administrator or any of the moderators and ask about it.

Some activities that are not allowed may be allowed on the private personal messaging system (PM). This includes activities such as fighting and resolving differences between people and/or expressing affections between two people.

Administrator holds the right to changing the rules so it would be a good idea to check on them once in a while. However, we will announce important changes if they occur.


We will enforce the rules by removing the offensive content and warning the user for which we believe has broken any of the above rules. For the offenses such as posting warez and pornographic content we will warn only twice, the second one being very strict. If the user breaks the same rule again, we will delete his/her account.

For all other rule breaking we will give users only three warnings, third being the most strict one and following a removal of the users account and possible IP bans.

Every offensive content will be removed according to the rules.

Please keep it cool and clean in order to have a positive community here.

- Sometimes it may be necessary to lock a thread even if no one involved broke any rules. This will be done only in cases where the thread has clearly lost it's purpose. Such threads are however not to be deleted as they still might contain some useful content, just locked so that the further topic degradation is prevented.

- If the thread has been started in a wrong forum (not exactly covering that topic) and there is a better place for it, the thread will be moved there. In other cases the threads may be moved if the organization and order of forums are being changed. You will however be notified about such changes.

NOTE: Discussion about rules and guidelines should go in this thread. You are welcome to post your proposals, suggestions and critiques there.

Thank you
The Nuxified Team.