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Site upgrade and changes under way!

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Joined: 2006-05-04

If some things on the site look different or some things don't quite work as they used to this is because I have just done a significant upgrade of the site (from Drupal 4.7 to Drupal 5.Cool and will continue to adapt the sites interface to the new software.

In addition to adapting the theme I will also be making certain improvements, especially to the forums. Some more cosmetic improvements were already done, such as removal of the javascript pop up menu due to accessibility issues and revision of the user menu section so that it scales better on lower resolution.

I will update you of any significant changes as they are made. So stay tuned! This is all about improvements so that the experience on gets even better! Smiling

Thank you


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Joined: 2006-05-04
As you can see forums and

As you can see forums and forum topics look a little different now. This is because I have applied a special package on our forums that makes them look more advanced and up to standards in terms of what people usually expect full scale forums to look like.

Translation: it's an improvement, and you'll see it in the details.

The actual styling and design of it is, however, a work in progress so if this doesn't quite look up to part it will be improved. Feel free to make suggestions.

Once forums are polished up, aside from a few minor fixes that's pretty much gonna be it. However, there may later be some improvements in the way links below in comments and articles/blogs look like and I may also add new features such as user points, user titles, karma system and a better voting/points system than what we have right now.

But that's something that we can yet discuss and I'm not entirely sure if I'll do it all in this particular batch of improvements.

I'll get back to you. Meanwhile, please post any suggestions or comments you may have about improvements you'd like to see, especially regarding what was mentioned above.


Joined: 2007-10-20
i love the voting system,

i love the voting system, however, the buttons for voting up or down is not in the right location and actually messes with the text in the post. sometimes its underlaying the text or messes up the alignment. i think that it would be better to have the voting buttons next to the actual voting total.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
I agree it's not in the

I agree it's not in the ideal place, though it's been there for a long time now. I remember having trouble positioning it properly before and finally settled with the way it is now. I tried putting it below among other buttons, but for some reason it always ends up in the post content area. I'm starting to think it's hard coded that way. :\

Though I didn't see it overlay any text, only occasionally the quote or code boxes, but not the actual text. The way it's set up is to float to the right so to push any text around rather than to go over it.

But anyway, since the module used for those buttons is no longer supported, the long term solution will be to find an alternative module to do this, which may be more flexible, but I can't guarantee anything right now.

That said, this upgrade is done and the only modifications I might yet make for this time is to add clickable smileys and quicktags. The rest is just bug fixing (for which I posted on bug reports on and am waiting some sort of resolution). Those are bugs like the javascript in these post submission forms not working and in forum index saying last post is done "by anonymous".

All this said, improvements will be made, just probably not all at once. I've got quite a few sites to take care off so I'm trying to spread the effort a bit. Smiling

So I'll be definitely keeping your suggestion in mind as well.

Also, I would like to ask anyone if you would like to see the following implemented among the improvements that will be done in the (near) future.

  • User titles (you get a title according to number of posts you wrote)
  • Karma system (based on your activity, like posting and votes for you or your posts your karma grows)
  • User points (similar to karma, getting points based on activity)

These sorts of features mostly serve to encourage people to be more active and therefore get more recognition in the community, which may inspire greater growth. So in my opinion it's mostly a good thing.

We actually discussed these sorts of features before and according to suggestions from then it was deemed unnecessary and possibly harmful if people start posting just to get points or karma instead of to post something valuable.

But honestly, I don't think that will happen much... and if it does we do have some moderatorship here. Sticking out tongue So maybe some minds are changed about this? Smiling


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