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Spanish translation released - further plans

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Joined: 2006-07-13

I have the great pleasure to announce that the Spanish translation of is released.
I wish to especially thank Gustavo, nwrman and Kuan (aka Miguel) for the wonderful work they have done.

I took the opportunity to bring forward the new homepage graphics (discuss) and improve the hompage code slightly.

All pages now have tabs on top to enable easy switching between languages. Simply adding /es immediately after the in the URL will get you to the Spanish (Castellano) version. The subdomain also redirects to the respective pages.

What's coming next ?

In the coming month I hope to do the following three things:

- revamp the Link to us page and the buttons, to try to spread the website better (see wiki:Link page and buttons)

- set-up the French translation, which is almost complete thanks to the work of the French translators. This time I will be able to participate more since it's my mother language Smiling

- set-up a better community infrastructure (enable quicker updates by members) around the Spanish translation, with SVN. This will mostly be done by the Spanish guys since my knowledge is poor in this area Smiling

But for now let's rejoice over the great work done and all the Castellan-speaking people who will be reading GGL.o in their language=) Despite all the Vistas & IEs in the world and frightening stories of attempts to buy off free-software intellectual property, GNU/Linux will keep growing and keeps doing its part in this.
Thank you everyone

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Joined: 2006-09-11
YES! That's great! I'm going


That's great!

I'm going to post this to a digg-like website for Castilian-speaking people!


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Joined: 2006-05-04
Awesome news! I have

Awesome news! I have published this topic to homepage. Smiling

Edit: digg too. Eye

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Joined: 2006-07-13

As an update, I would like to add some good news: GGL.o got an enormous lot of visits this week.

Thanks to postings on various news and digg-like Spanish websites, GGL.o got around 4000 hits this week, which resulted in 30 000 pages being displayed, mostly the Spanish ones of course.

Of course many of these visitors probably already know about GNU/Linux (the digg visitors are mostly technology/software minded, for example), but if they liked the site they will recommend it to their friends. It's a big success and this is the best week ever in terms of visits. So Kudos guys, for spreading the news but especially (again) for the translation!

Sidenote: The French translation is well on its way. I will start transfering the content to HTML next week.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Good to hear traffic is

Good to hear traffic is going up. Smiling It deserves all the attention it can get and I'll continue helping out with promotion when I can.


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