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Speed Up Internet

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Joined: 2008-03-26

Hi, i just want to know if you can actually speed up your internet connection using software such as Internet Accelerator or TCP Optimizer, do they really work?
Is there any other way of getting a faster connection other than the obvious, deleting cookies etc.

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If you are referring to

If you are referring to those "your internet connection could be faster!" type of banner ads, the answer is NO. These programs do not work, they are adware (serving you extra advertisements and by doing that actually wasting bandwidth and making your connection slower) and possibly also spyware. Do not install these programs, and if you did already install them, use a spy/adware removal program to get rid of them (a real one of course, not a fake one that actually is spy/adware itself).

However there are real programs that do make the web faster, for some users. For other users these same programs make the web slower. Usually they're not worth the effort.

You may find this wikipedia article interesting. Note that the speed increases mentioned there are way overoptimistic.

One thing that will make your web browsing faster is adblock plus. No advertisments = no bandwidth wasted on advertisements = faster web browsing.

Joined: 2008-03-26

Hey! thanx a lot dear,

I guess u r rite,
Let me try my hands on it !!!

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