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Speed up ubuntu booting time.

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It takes a while for ubuntu to load, and sometimes it hangs up, and i have to power off then on. is there a correction for this?

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You can minimize the amount

You can minimize the amount of processes starting up on your boot by not specifying not to load things you don't really need.

The easiest possible way to start is to use the services manager as shown here. You just start it up and uncheck the stuff you don't need.

If you're brave enough you could also follow this guide.

We could also help you through it. Another option which was recently recommended to me by AndrewB is to use bum, which should be available from ubuntu repositories. It has a much more broad (actually complete probably) list of processes and you can disable them by unchecking.

What you need to uncheck? Well, if you don't have or don't need bluetooth support disable that, if you don't use printers often and yet cups or hplip (for HP printers) loads, disable it. Basically anything that you can be sure you don't really need can be disabled. If you're not sure just ask.

Also, another good thing that can buy you some speed is to not use GDM. To disable GDM just uncheck it in services manager. Be prepared however that this will kill your X (GUI) immediately. That's not a problem though, you should end up in console and then do startx to start GUI directly instead of over gdm.

But before doing any of this, create a file in your home directory, called .xinitrc and add something like this to it (the following example is if you're using GNOME):

exec dbus-launch --exit-with-session gnome-session

Then save it and kill GDM as above starting X afterwards with a startx command.

This is a way to start up your GUI without having GDM sit there and take your memory for nothing, so contributes to speeding things up.

I hope this helps a bit. If you've got questions just ask.

Joined: 2006-11-20

ill put those options through there paces and see what happens.

I will jot down what i dont use and post it here once a get a chance.

thanks for the offer for more assistance. I will need it.

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No problem.

No problem. Smiling

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