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The Tux Project

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Joined: 2006-05-04

There is a project in its infancy which aims to gather people from the community with ideas on how to promote GNU/Linux. It comes out of a post-Tux500 discussion on what to do next (after Tux500) and some (me included) thought a good idea would be to set up a central organization / website which would gather promotion ideas and help organize them. That project is now The Tux Project.

I have joined, for now mostly as an observer (since I don't have any big ideas right now) and in reading I encountered one thread which presents an idea of a site much like

I have commented to tell them about GGL. Another guy also suggested I am just informing you that this project is there if you'd want to get involved, get in touch, discuss (with regard to that specific thread) the differences and different directions of various ideas for a site introducing people to GNU/Linux etc. I thought you might be interested.


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Joined: 2006-07-13
This thread has been

This thread has been silent, but it's actually a very promising move. I am talking with helios from Lobby4Linux and Tux500 to see what we (GGL and the Tux Project) could do together.
Thank you very much libervisco, for that wise suggestion.
I'm extremely busy now but I'll keep this thread updated as things come along.


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Joined: 2006-05-04
That's great to hear.

That's great to hear. Smiling

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Just a few notes regarding

Just a few notes regarding the idea linked to above. The site has already been launched and they are recruiting people to write newbie friendly articles for it, so the model is apparently quite a bit different from GGL because GGL is more of a static collaborative collection of pages than a dynamic collection of articles (like a blog), although I'm not yet sure where exactly will move.

In any case, if it will be trying to do a similar thing to GGL, only with a different approach I think this is good and wouldn't really hurt GGL.

Maybe you've talked with them about it already Olivier?

Also Land0 on #thetuxproject IRC channel at freenode mentioned that will be linking to as a recommended support forum site because they like the way we've done it. Smiling

Hmm, I guess I'll call on staying tuned as well. Eye


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Joined: 2006-09-11
Hi, libervisco! We have

Hi, libervisco!

We have "First Steps in GNU/Linux" (which is stalled*), which is different from what I think they're going to do because FSGL simply aims to be a brief reference for those who want to step into GNU/Linux, as a general-purpose guide.

BTW, it's sad Freedom in computing is not their first reason for people to make the switch to GNU/Linux.


* We've been working on other things "behind the scenes", which are priorities for GLM in the short-term, including how to really open the development of FSGL and making it simpler for people to contribute to GLM.

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