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"This could be an interesting community"

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Joined: 2006-05-04

I'm thinking.. what if positioning this site as a GNU/Linux help site is not such a great strategy after all? Maybe there is in fact an easier and much more efficient way to guide it. When we urge that this site be a help site above all, we are setting ourselves in direct competition to LQ and LFDO (two other popular forums), not to mention a good deal of other smaller ones. While I do maintain that we have some things unique, it doesn't appear that a sufficient amount of people really care about those things so much to mass-switch to instead of their current forum.

And maybe they never will. Popular forums are hard to become unpopular, even when they get sold out to some Lebanon millionaire and laden with ads (as a certain other forum), but the momentum of sheer popularity (or I could call it a "herd psychology") is hard to stop..

So instead, we could widen up the possibilites a bit. I think this community already has quite a few core people that make it alive and kicking, and those same people are mostly quite knowledgable GNU/Linux and Free Software users. We have a few people who are here to ask questions as well, and that's great too.

So, we could keep being a help site for those who get involved and need help, but we can opt for being more and advertising ourselves as such. We could be just a community of people doing interesting things with Free Software, experimenting, sharing ideas, working on cool projects.. We don't even have to have a one single common theme at all. We could be "unsorted". We could be the significant "rest" of Free Software users who happened to find this particular community by accident or as simply interesting to be in...

Or we could be whatever most of us want it to be at any point in time? Eye

So, this is quite an open ended idea, with a bottom line of departing the insistance on being a "help site above all" and switching to something more open ended (not necessarily with lack of focus, but maybe only with a widened focus). Maybe a good new slogan to describe this could be "Free Software Enthusiasts Community" instead of the current "Free Software Support Community". Latter looks rather dull in comparison, doesn't it? Eye

Also, being open ended means it leaves a lot for you to say, so what do you think? Smiling


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Joined: 2005-12-20
Okay I understand maybe the

Okay I understand maybe the need to move from just the help site, but I do not think just going to some enthusiasts site is the way to go. Why? I find it too 'wishy-washy' and broad a term. Who would be the target audience? Everyone who likes GNU/Linux? I think that trying to be allencompasing will lead us to be atractive to few, the saying 'Jack of all trades, master of none' comes to mind.

I may post more later, but please point out any thing which you might consider wrong Smiling


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Joined: 2006-05-04
You're right about being

You're right about being too general, that's a thought that was hanging with me when I was writing the above too.. If we are to refocus I suppose it would have to be a new focus rather than defocusing.

Bottom line is that I just don't feel we're getting too far being just a help forum, and I'm beginning to consider other possibilities.

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Joined: 2005-12-21
I agree with dylunio.

I agree with dylunio. However, we may put an interesting twist on the "help" by noting something that is already happening: some members have projects, and we try to help them with those. This is a whole different kind of help than just answering questions about free software.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Indeed, that's one aspect

Indeed, that's one aspect that is slowly developing and will hopefully be a success. The point of trying to do anything here or change anything is to make the site more meaningful and useful because that is what attracts people, a genuine value. Helping members with their projects is one of the ways to achieve this I suppose.

We might have subprojects based on projects of existing members which in turn attract attention and contribution to those projects. We could have sponsorships, and if there would be a multitude of projects we could have contests or votings for which project will get a sponsorship donation by Libervis Network and such.

So there's definitely something to go for and think about there.