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For those who enjoy shooters

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Kenta Cho is most famous for this top-down shoot'um ups. After checking out the ubuntu repo's, i noticed that there are a whole bunch of his games packaged and available. I think the best way to describe his games is to say that they are psychodelic.

Official page
Wikipedia page
Linux ports (scroll to the bottom)

rRootage is one of the best for incorporating multiple styles of games, including my favorite, the Ikaruga style.

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nonfree dependencies

Most of those are not freedomware though because they depend of software that is not.

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oh, really? i was unaware

oh, really? i was unaware of that. i just installed them through apt. if you dont mind, which requirements are they?

there are 3 that are not available in apt. z-lock, area2028 and noiz2sa. are those the ones you are talking about?

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What repo?

Which apt repository are they from?

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a thing wrote:

Most of those are not freedomware though because they depend of software that is not.

Which software?

I just looked through the GNU/Linux ports and they all actually seem proper freedomware and depend only on stuff like python, pygame etc., all Free Software.

I guess you mean stuff like flash from here, but that's not specific to any freedomware OS... I think sakuramboo mostly linked it as a reference, but the relevant page is the one with GNU/Linux ports.

Thanks sakuramboo for the link.


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universe. and just looking

universe. and just looking at the dep list for A7Xpg...


last i checked, those are all FOSS. other deps for some of the other games are libbulletml0d1, libode0debian1 and zlib1g.

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