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Too many ads?

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Joined: 2006-05-04


At Libervis Network (parent of we have a tradition of allowing the community to provide feedback on advertising that they see on the site. It is you who make this site matter and hence you should have a say.

That said, I'm experimenting with some changes as you may have noticed, and I've put up a skyscraper on the right sidebar of the site (which is still pending to show any real ads for now).

Now.. recalling back when we were just getting started, one of the motivations to start was the take over of which we usually called, among other things, as having too much advertising bloat. So naturally when I make changes to the way ads display on, I tend to compare it to just to make sure we're better, less annoying to visitors. Eye

Interesting thing I'm seeing is that LinuxForums, in number, don't actually have that many ads.. basically two leaderboards. It's just that their positioning is a bit more intrusive than ours.

But nevertheless, I'm wondering what you have to say about having a skyscraper in the sidebar, plus a banner at the bottom of the site, in addition to those text link blocks in the header.

Thank you! Smiling

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Joined: 2005-12-21
I think I'm somehow not

I think I'm somehow not seeing the skyscraper Smiling . The banner is in a somewhat unattractive place (for advertisers) because it might not even be seen by someone not scrolling all the way down. I don't see a better place for it that wouldn't be very annoying, though.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Well you're spot on about

Well you're spot on about that. I gotta say I didn't give much thought to advertising when designing this. There's not even a very good spot in the header the was sites usually have (including

But anyway, it's an experiment. We'll see what happens, as long as it isn't annoying to anyone.

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