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Tourney promo servers

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Joined: 2006-05-04

In order to promote the coming gaming tournament it could be good to have some servers announce it in their notices or welcome messages. So what better way to start than starting our own servers with it and offer it publically (in game). So I've started a Nexuiz server called "" etc. which invites people to join the tourney as part of its welcome message.

The server is just temporarily going to be hosted on our VPS for this promotional purpose. Everyone with a bit of free time is invited to join in, just so that there are some people in there occasionally to attract more off-site players.

If anyone else who hosts a game server of one of the likely included Free Software game and would like to help consider including the reference to the tourney in your server welcome message or other notices.

If anyone else would like to start a promo server for us, that'd be great too. Feel free to post info about them here.

Our Nexuiz server is currently here: It's in USA (so ping would be best for US people). I also have a local server in Croatia, Europe running right now under a bit slower but playable connection if anyone wants to jump in. It's under the same name. I don't guarantee it staying up very much though (it's my desktop machine afterall Eye ).