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TuxProject meetings

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I've just accidentally been on a TuxProject meeting with Landy DeField (land0). Accidentally because I was autojoined to the channel when he came in and asked if I was there for the meeting. They are supposed to have these meetings weekly, but it looks like this time besides him and me nobody else attended, so the two of us talked.

So.. while I provide you with its log in the attachment I'd like to invite Olivier and Gustavo to if possible attend some of the future TuxProject meetings. The whole TuxProject is basically designed to be an incubator of ideas for those who want to promote GNU/Linux to the larger public, and not just GNU/Linux but Free Software in general. This fits all of us.

Meetings are in a #tuxproject IRC channel on

Also, Landy DeField's new project,, may have certain similarities with or with the future introductory site for freedom that GLM might launch. So it simply seems fruitful to hook up and see how can these projects compliment each other rather than competing. The fact is, there can be various approaches to similar issues and multiple of them can be right depending on the situation. I believe can strike a particular chord which GLM might not be and vice versa.

And in any case, TuxProject meetings and itself is about connecting people with diverse ideas for advocating Free Software so it seems like a good idea to be in touch with it and people behind it. It can be for mutual benefit.

tuxproject06_09_2007.log.txt13.12 KB
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That's great, thanks very

That's great, thanks very much, I'll have an attentive look at the log.

I must admit I'm not often around on IRC or forums, certainly not as often as I wish I was (so many ideas to develop there...). The difficulty is that it is very time-consuming and we still have a huge to-do list, regardless of what is brought-up in the forums. Time is ticking by; this goes for progression of free software vs. proprietary software (network effect) but also of our financial resources (our income... ahem).

I'll do my best with this opportunity here


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