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ubuntu live-cd does not boot

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first of all, i want to excuse me for my english. i´m from germany, so if you see a mistake just read ahead.

i´ve got this problem: I heard from the ubuntu linux live cd. i was really excited cause i always wanted to try linux on my computer and with this cd i wouldn´t even have to install anything. So i loaded the 600mb and put it on cd. next i made the cd the first boot device in the bios and restarted the computer with the live cd in it. but the bios just won´t boot from the cd. i always boots windows, even if there is no second boot device beside the cd rom.
so, where is my mistake?
i hope you will be albe to help me.

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Several things may have

Several things may have gone wrong here. Let's try to figure out which one it was.

If you configured the BIOS correctly, but for some reason the CD can't be read, the lights on the cd drive should be flashing before windows gets booted after all.

The download size should be 696 MB (64 bit version) or 695 MB (normal version), or very close to those numbers (I calculated those numbers from numbers of bytes, I've noticed not every operating system does that exactly the same way...). So if you downloaded only 600 MB, that might be your problem there Smiling .

In case you are just mistaken about the download size, let's continue to the next possible problems...

Sometimes errors get into downloads. This almost never happens, but sometimes it does... Please verify your download is free of errors using the instructions here. The correct md5sums are (depending on which version you downloaded):

61c87943a92bc7bf519da4e2555d6e86 (64 bit desktop ubuntu 7.10)
d2334dbba7313e9abc8c7c072d2af09c (normal (32 bit) desktop ubuntu 7.10)

Different versions of course have other md5sums. You don't have to verify every character of the md5sum, even the smallest error will cause a completely different code.

If the md5sum is wrong, you have to download the file again, and hope your internet connection will behave properly this time.

Still didn't find the problem? Let's have a closer look at that cd...

If you try to read the cd in windows, what contents do you see?

a) lots of files and directories
- hmmm... then everything should work just fine, I'm not sure why it doesn't.

b) a single .iso file
- try following these instructions.
Putting an iso cd-image on a cdrom as a regular file doesn't work (that would then actually be an iso inside another iso: the iso file contains ALL contents of the livecd, including that which makes it bootable. If you put it on the cd as a file, then it of course won't be bootable...)

c) windows displays an error when trying to read the cd
- I think the livecd should be readable from windows without errors. Long ago it even contained windows versions of software that is also included in ubuntu... it probably still does. So if you get an error, that probably means the cd is bad. Put it in the trash and make a new one.

Joined: 2007-12-13
ahhh, i think i´ve got the

ahhh, i think i´ve got the problem.
i just burned the iso fil as it was with the windows explorer. i didn´t know you have to use a special programm.

thank you very much for helping me.


There are so many things may wrong here, main issue is, check boot device properties, you said that you already selected the CD rom as first boot device, check that it must be the HD is second or third bootdevice.............

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Just a friendly remark: if you give a short answer to a question that has already been answered, and your answer adds nothing useful to the already given answer, and you make lots of posts like that, some people may think you're bending the rules to spam the forums with the links in your signature.

As for the content of this post of yours here... to be able to boot a cdrom, it doesn't matter whether the HD is in the list of boot devices or not, as long as it's not before the cdrom. Even a computer without a harddisk will boot from cdrom, I did that when my disk was broken and I didn't receive a new one yet.

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