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Unable to access OS: loading error: '/bin/sh: can't access tty job control turned iff (initlmfs)"

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box came back from vendor with new mainboard (pcchips a13g). when i attempt load ubuntu, the loading splash comes up, then drops into busybox ash shell with "can't access tty job control turned off" message. have 2 questions: 1, what commands are needed to access OS - have virtually no experience in CLI; 2, speculate on why, please. original board was pcchips a133g & grub loaded ubuntu without any problems. the cpu is amd semp 3600. regards, zeronero

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What happens when you try

What happens when you try to run a LiveCD? If your Ubuntu install CD used a graphical interface (with windows and mouse and icons and buttons, y'know), then that is a LiveCD, otherwise you might try knoppix or some other LiveCD.

The reason I'm asking you to run a LiveCD is to figure out if there is a hardware problem or not. If you don't have one available to you at the moment, I suggest you wait for advice from other nuxified members.

My speculation: maybe the cables of two harddisks got swapped? If your boot partition is on one disk and everything else on the other, you would end up in busybox... I don't think the error matches that situation, though, and you probably don't even have two disks.

Joined: 2007-08-24
the same result, already

the same result, already tried before i wrote but forgot to mention fact. have 2 hdds both oss are on same drive -ide. the 2nd - sata is empty unformatted. when i started to install a fedora as test. it loaded fine, then backed out from process & did not install fedora. grub is on mbr & is boot manager for both oss. there is only 1 ide connection & 2 devices: dvd write & hdd.

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As tbuitenh said, try some

As tbuitenh said, try some LiveCD. I'd recommend Slax here, in case you somehow have the possibility to get it.
Check if your partitions are how you remember them and check if they can be mounted. Slax does that during boot, you should be able to access them at /mnt/hdXY (XY being something like a1, a2, etc., so you should see something like hda1, hda2, etc.).
If that's not the case, or something is missing then it seems there's something wrong. Either with your partition-table, the partitions themselves or your hard-disk.

Just to make sure, now your board is pcchips a13g and before it was pcchips a133g, right? Just to make sure that the 2nd 3 on the previous name isn't just a typo.
Do you know which chipsets are used on these boards? Maybe the new one has a different IDE-controller, which could result in not being able to boot the system.

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no typo but made error. it

no typo but made error. it was pcchips a33g not a133g. no idea about chipset. could try their website for info. assume fault is hardware, i.e., motherboard or controller. i used pclinuxos0.93a & was dropped to busybox. stax is not available, have choices of old knoppix & couple ubuntus, thus do not know if linux partition can be mounted. from win can see hda divided into ntfs & linux, & sdb is empty. if the problem resides in hardware, beginning sound: up creek without paddle. please tell me if there exists possible solution outside new box. so far my thanks to tbuiteh & repiler. regards, ZN

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Your mobo uses the SiS

Your mobo uses the SiS 761GX/965L chipset.

There doesnt seem to be much info about it when i googled it, so I guess it may not work?

Joined: 2007-08-24
@all above. thank you for

@all above. thank you for kind comments.Goodby. regards, ZN

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