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unable to start cooling device!

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just installed kubuntu. yesterday i noticed my computer was very noisy. Today i found like a hundred lines like this in my log:

2006-12-06 13.03.34 computername kernel [17179699.916000] ACPI: Unable to turn cooling device [dffe3338]'on'

The noise seems to be gone now. dont know if it had anything to do with this. My guess is my cpu is trying to start the fan to my nvidia-graphiccard. I havent installed any drivers to my nvidiacard. Does anyone know whats going on? what should i do?

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It seems some other ubuntu

It seems some other ubuntu user has the same problem, and didn't get a reply :/. It also seems their computer didn't blow up. Oh well.

My guess is it doesn't refer to the fan of the graphics card, but that's just a guess.

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