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upgrade fedora7 to fedora8 (with yum)

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hi everyon

fedora8 will come 8novemeber. how can i change my fedora7 to fedora8 from internet?

Edit: Can I upgrade with Yum from 7 to 8? would you mind explain step by step?thanks in advance.

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Hi, First of all I am not a


First of all I am not a Fedora user and it would be best for everything I say to be confirmed or added to by someone actually using it.

That said, it seems that Fedora doesn't yet have a completely safe and straightforward way to do this, BUT there is a way and this blog entry seems to describe it. It should be done carefully though.

If you want to be safe it may be best to do it the official way, which is I suppose to download the CDs and upgrade from them. Again, others please confirm.


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Joined: 2006-05-04
I see you posted a thread

I see you posted a thread again titled "upgrade with yum from 7 to 8", but that wasn't needed since it fits in this topic already opened. That's cross posting so I deleted it and edited the title of this topic and edited your original post with an additional question you posted there. Makes things more organized. Smiling

That said, the blog entry I linked has some instructions, but on further digging I also found some step by step instructions here:

So basically all the info you need is there.

But again, as it says here, Yum Upgrade is not recommended. I'm just making sure you are aware of that before proceeding. Eye