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Watch Out For Unicorns While Driving

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Linux appears to be hitting the mainstream. When listening to the radio on Friday, I about wept. In the USA, two computer guys had a call-in computer help show that comes on around noon on the FM dial. That means it's going to be heard by a lot of people who might have decided that they're bored with Rush Limbaugh and the endless stream of classic rock and rap music. While on the show, the computer guys were bragging about Ubuntu, not really emphasizing the word Linux, were saying that it was easy and fun to use, and that they were handing out CDs at conferences and mailing them to relatives. They said that you can download it for free or request some free CDs in the mail thanks to the billionaire and coolest dude on Earth, Mr. Shuttleworth. And they said that they even installed it on their Macs so that they get the benefits of being freed from their locked-in Mac world, plus get the elegance of Apple's beautiful hardware. They also said that Ubuntu isn't for everyone, but if people actually want to *pay* for software, they should just get a Mac. They made snide remarks about Windows, saying that Vista has a lot of issues so much that even Microsoft is noticing, and that the issues of malware are so bad on Windows that it's almost non-functional. A caller, who appeared to be an older man with a slightly rural accent, surprised me. He called in and wanted to know about this Ubuntu, and was please to find he could get a free copy by mail.

That was like two rainbows, shooting stars, a pack of Unicorns, harmonic convergence of the planets, and several angels getting their wings -- all rolled into one exciting lunch. I about wrecked my car into a Unicorn.