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what are these slots?

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I concluded that the monitor is NOT going bad, but the video card. The offset screen happens with an old monitor as well (including the monitor "auto" button). But after 5 minutes, after the video card "warms up", then the (old or current)
monitor "auto" button works just fine.

I need to determine if I have a AGP slot (correct?) on my motherboard (or is the problem something else?). I took 5 pictures.

where the last picture is everything (see that one first). I assume that the two white slots are PCI slots. But I can't
figure out the other slots.

In picture #2, I see two long blue slots (right of the fan) - one is filled. What are they?
In picture #3, I see an orange slot (above the pci slots). What is it?
In picture #5, I see a small black slot (bottom left). What is it?

Bottom Line: Do I have an AGP slot or some way to add a video card (instead of buying a new computer)?

Thank in advanced for your help.


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Re: what are these slots?

Those two long slots are for memory modules. One of course has to be filled cause the computer can't quite work without memory.

The orange slot is almost without a doubt for a graphics card, but I'm not sure and it's not very clear on the picture if it's PCI Express (newer, better, supported by most cards) or AGP (older, supported by older cards which you might at least get second hand). PCI Express tends to be longer than AGP from what I've seen.

A small black slot in picture #5 is probably an AMR slot for a modem which you'll probably never need.

You definitely have a slot for a video card, all board should have it, but I'm not sure from the picture if it is PCI Express or AGP. You could check if you have a box of the motherboard or the computer if it mentions PCI Express anywhere. Also, if you bought it within last one or two years it's probably likely to have PCI Express. The difference is important cause if you buy a PCI Express card and you have AGP it wont work, or vice versa.

But in any case, you should be able to get a new video card (used or brand new) and there's no need to buy a new computer.

As for the problem being something else I'm really not sure, but the video system on the board seems like a likely culprit. If anyone more experienced has any more insight feel free to share.

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