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what video card do I have?

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Joined: 2006-06-19

I've been trying to install Mandriva 2007 and the login screen
have been showing up blank.

The Mandrivausers folks have been asking what kind of video card I
have. I don't know the card offhand. Is there a way to get the info
from the computer. I know I can log in as root using the "failsafe"
mode, thus I can get a command line starting at /. From there, how
can I tell what video card I am using?

If you are curious, you can view


Joined: 2006-03-28
lspci should be able to

lspci should be able to help you with that. It usually can show you quite some nice details about your hardware.

Joined: 2006-06-19
Thank for the tip. After

Thank for the tip.

After giving the video card info, I was pointed to change inittab.
And was able to log in.


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