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What's the plan? GGL in March/April

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Joined: 2006-07-13

Here's a brief update on things to come for

As I expressed on previous posts, I am quite determined to try to build a financially-sustainable advocacy project by August this summer. The main lacking element of the GGL project today is the community tools and organisations, and that's going to be the theme for these two months.
Gustavo seems really motivated to work on a secondary "guide site", which is great.
I will concentrate on the following, by order of priority:

  • Finish the set-up of the Planet website,
    which will hopefully be better organised than the current set of "community pages", and be some sort of an official place for the association
  • Set-up something better for the translations
    and generally an easier way to edit the site that will require much less HTML and SVN
  • Prepare a link campaign
    with improved link buttons and "community pages", thinking about all the specific GNU/Linux-related communities to contact, re-launching the "" project, etc

When this will be satisfactory, hopefully towards mid-April, I'll try the following:

  • Actually launch the link campaign
    so that GGL might have a bigger presence on the internet
  • Prepare projects with expenses
    starting with small budgets, see how we can handle small projects
  • As the warm days come, there will probably be GGL merchandise coming!

This is mostly it for the two-three months to come. This does not exclude, of course, all the improvements to the websites like new FAQs. It's simply a "frame" that I'll try to stick to, so as to keep track of the project. All the ideas here will be discussed and announced in more detail.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Sounds good, and I might be

Sounds good, and I might be able to help a bit with the link campaign (making some buttons and linking them over our network). Smiling

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