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which mobile phone has Open source OS that can read pdfs and spreadsheets without eye strain

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Symbian api is a partially open source, should i look there, any suggestions?

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I've got a mate with a

I've got a mate with a laptop running Win XP Pro. I bought a magazine (LinuxFormat) with a free DVD, and gave the mag' to him while I went and loaded gNewSense for the first time. Some days later I saw him again, and the first thing he said to me was "I've got Linux in my pocket!" To which I of course replied "and I thought you were pleased to see me?" :-)

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Well there are some phones

Well there are some phones which run GNU/Linux officially such as Nokia N70 (I think it is N70), Motorola Ming and the upcoming, but not yet mainstream ready Neo1973 of the OpenMoko project (OpenMoko is a mobile GNU/Linux distribution).

There are probably more of the GNU/Linux native phones though (and more and more of them). Good sites to check out for the info regarding them is and our own but though still young Smiling

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