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Youtube works great with free flash!

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Joined: 2006-05-04

I've been using swfdec-mozilla 0.6.0 for a while now on Arch GNU/Linux and I gotta say youtube works pretty well now and most of the other flash stuff works flawlessly or almost. I'm not sure if swfdec is part of the gnash package or not (I think it is), but compared to where it was this is indeed great.

It puts a gray image with a big play symbol on every video so video pages easily load and then you just click on it to reveal the video and start playing. Fullscreen works too, but only opens a screenwide popup with the video maximized in it. Also the volume setting doesn't seem to work, but you can use your main system setting for that. Sticking out tongue

Still, compared to not so long ago when it was almost unusable, this is great progress and it may improve.

Kudos to swfdec/gnash developers!

How was your experience?

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inadequately slow

Swfdec is completely separate from Gnash.

For me, Swfdec is inadequately slow for YouTube. The Swfdec FAQ says this is because xv (the fast way render videos) does not support some features that Flash requires like translucent objects over video. They plan to eventually use OpenGL to speed it up.

I just stick to using youtube-dl. I tried adding an action to Klipper (in KDE4.1B2) to use youtube-dl for YouTube URLs, but it is still kinda buggy.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Swfdec is kinda sluggish

Swfdec is kinda sluggish sometimes, but it gives much more control as at least the pause button and setting position in the video works. Also, since it puts those grey screens with the play sign instead of loading all the flash elements it's almost like a flash blocker at the same time where you just have to click if you actually want to see the flash animation or video.

But if I want to save something or watch a video from a site that doesn't yet work I use I dragged that keepvid button to my bookmarks bar so all I have to do is click it when I'm on a video page and I'll get low or high quality .flv or .mp4 downloads, which is pretty cool. Sometimes you can just load those download links directly so you can play it in totem or vlc browser plugin immediately.

In any case, situation is a lot better than it used to be, with improvements to both gnash and swfdec as well as (which wasn't as flexible before), so there's less pressure to use proprietary flash (which is very bothersome on 64bit systems).


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