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ubikon remote desktop

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Joined: 2005-12-21

I tried ubikon. What you get: a KDE desktop you can connect to from anywhere. What they get: nothing. Maybe in the future they will put ads on the desktop or something. If they don't find a way to make money, I guess the fun won't last long.


The site feels a bit messy and unpolished, but I don't mind that. After requesting an account, you get emailed a password and instructions to download a freeNX client and a wrapper script. The client I downloaded from there didn't work on my archlinux, but it did leave some configuration files in my home directory. I installed nxclient myself and figured out the incantation to use is:

/opt/NX/bin/nxclient-nomachine --session .nx/config/ubikon.nxs

After a while, I was greeted by kubuntu. Again, it is rather unpolished. OpenOffice is installed but doesn't appear in the menu. The speed is more than decent, though. The GIMP is also installed, and firefox and who knows what else.

Moving files to and from your ubikon desktop is done through ftp.

Conclusion: this is cool. It's an easy way to show linux to windows users, it's an easy way to have your unix tools available in a windows-only environment, and it's cool in general. Downside: you really shouldn't use this for top secret files, and of course most of your files are top secret. A more secure tool for the same job that works in a completely different way is the black dog, but that thing isn't free.

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Sounds interesting and good

Sounds interesting and good for spreading GNU/Linux. I really hope they succeed. Some decent ads once they get more known wouldn't hurt on their site and possibly even some sponsored items within their desktop.

I might give it a try..

Joined: 2006-03-28
Some german company offers a

Some german company offers a browser-based Linux-tryout for quite a while already. You cannot really compare it to ubikon since you don't have any personal login and such, it's just to have a look what Linux looks and feels like. But still, I think it's a good promotion for Linux and could make Windows-users give Linux a try.
As I said, it's browser-based, it just downloads a little client to connect and the rest is done through the browser.
It's not super-quick, but usable, I think enough to have a quick look into "a new world".
I guess these things are quite good alternatives to LiveCDs for a Windows-user to have a peek into Linux.
You could see it as some sort of 3-step-program to happyness:
* Check it out in your browser
* Download a LiveCD and feel the real power
* Pick a distro and install

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Joined: 2005-12-21
I wouldn't recommend ubikon

I wouldn't recommend ubikon for linux demonstration purposes right now, since the menu is messed up, making it look like there are almost no applications for linux. But it definitely has potential. Still, this is more scary than a livecd or java applet since you need to install some software (nxclient).

If you find yourself in a windows-only environment, thinking "damn, I need GNU/linux to do <something>", then ubikon is the solution :-)

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