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Ubuntu Edgy upgrade (gone slightly wild)

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Joined: 2006-05-04

I've decided to upgrade to Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy RC1 even though the release is soon. The difference between RC and final is usually minimal, and since final will be only a dist-upgrade away, it can't hurt, right? Smiling

However, it wasn't a very smooth ride, definitely not as smooth as I expected. Maybe I can't blame Ubuntu all the way for that though, but there it is.

I have *a lot* of programs installed. It was so much that when I replaced all "dapper" words in /etc/apt/sources.list with "edgy", ran apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade there was a whole gigabyte of stuff to be downloaded. Apparently the upgrade re-downloads everything.

I removed some unnecessary KDE stuff after that and then started a still big download (more than 900MB). On my connection that easily took up to 6 hours. I went to sleep and after I woke up there was one package that couldn't be downloaded for some reason (server timeout, a connection glitch, who knows, but it's nothing new here). I just re-downloaded and all cool. It then started installing stuff, which took hours and hours... I suppose it's because I don't have much memory here (only 256MB of which 32 is shared for on board graphics).

That I used Xchat and firefox while it was installing doesn't help it I suppose. Anyway, somewhere along the install, when I was away and the 3D OpenGL screensaver was triggered X apparently froze. I was hoping installation was over (couldn't check at this point) so I restarted. I ended up having to do grub-install from another distro to boot to new Ubuntu (which hinted at incomplete upgrade). Indeed upgrade didn't finish properly.
After rebooting I ran sudo dpkg --configure -a to fix the upgrade (as advised by a GUI update manager). On next reboot, xorg-xerver package was apparently broken.

To cut the story, after having to fix broken xorg-xserver package (by re-installing it) which finally gave me a great looking and working desktop I wanted, just in case, to do another update and attempt another dist-upgrade, to install if there's anything left un-upgraded and unclean. Now I'm doing that and hoping all will be fine and apt wont report any broken packages.

Then I'll probably chase some unnecessary programs to nuke and lighten my installation up a bit. Smiling

So far, I'm loving new Firefox 2 coming with edgy (it has built in spell checker!), and fonts seem smoother too, better quality anti-aliasing of some sort, and also has new cool login and logout sounds (I like them).. that's so far the obvious stuff I noticed. Smiling

If you're upgrading to this as well, feel free to say how did it go.


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Joined: 2005-12-20
I tried upgrading like this

I tried upgrading like this to the Beta release. But since I didn't have Grub installed it didn't want to do the upgrade. In the end I installed from the Edgy Eft Alternate Install CD which worked out well.


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Joined: 2006-05-04
Ok I think I have my edgy

Ok I think I have my edgy installation a bit screwed after all. Trying to do apt-get update it is reporting that some bz archives are corrupt and something tells me that's just the first sign..

It's also been acting a bit weird in terms of memory consumption, but I'm not sure..

Something tells me my journey of searching for the perfect distro isn't over and might not be until I create my own or help shape the closest to it. Ubuntu is slower, these big upgrades tend to be risky and as I am more and more aware it mixes non-free software which is why I've been looking at gnewsense project which too isn't exactly what I'd like (for one it will probably be always behind Ubuntu in terms of up-to-date software... Heh..journey is fun, and I learn something by it. Let's see where this takes me next...

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