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Ubuntu leaps forward with new innovations

Upon developing a quite solid desktop operating system, Ubuntu seems to be moving forward with new innovations, this time, I would say, pushing the boundaries of the GNU/Linux world even further. As one would expect for a GNU/Linux distribution with such a great buzz and following, there are alot of critiques and people tired of hearing about Ubuntu all the time, people that hate it as an operating system for whatever reason, but that doesn't really change the fact that it is still the most popular flavor of GNU/Linux with the biggest community and hence the greatest number of minds dedicated to making it even better. You gotta admit there's alot of potential in that kind of setting. So yes, I would concede that Ubuntu is currently among few distributions with such a great potential for innovation and I would not be surprised if it continues to "set the standard" for mainstream GNU/Linux desktop in the future.

Current issue of Distrowatch weekly points to the two newest and in my opinion quite exciting projects being developed by the Ubuntu community and which may find themselves included in the next Ubuntu release called Edgy Eft.

First feature is described by this quite amusing article. It is the upstart project which should allow for a more flexible, easier and even faster Ubuntu start up. While I don't find it quite that revolutionary, although I'm far from being an expert on init systems, it does seem like an interesting thing of which Ubuntu could greatly benefit. It would allow for a sort of an instant plug and play of devices and processes.

Another interesting project is reconstructor which, judging from screenshots, allows for a quite amazingly easy way of creating your own custom LiveCD. The GUI should make this, for most people probably quite scary task, almost as easy as burning a CD. Some possible uses of this that I can think of are if you want to show off GNU/Linux to a friend whose computing needs you know well. With reconstructor you can build a custom distribution just for him. Maybe he is a graphical designer so you could include inkscape, or a musician so you would include audio tools such as audacity etc.

And one interesting thing to note is that from these novelties it is not only Ubuntu who will benefit. Thanks to all of this innovation being Free Software, developed cooperatively and with welcome community involvement, these innovations may soon spread on to other GNU/Linux distributions.

The article I linked earlier already hinted at the interest of other distributions in upstart:


At the same time, upstart is coming along nicely with rumours of interest already having come from the Red Hat and Fedora camp.

So how can one be jealous of Ubuntu? All the cool stuff they do isn't confined within their realm. We are still one Free Software and GNU/Linux community and we all benefit from what anyone of us does. That's the greatest strength of Free Software. Smiling


One thing I'd like to see


I really want ZFS.

ubuntu won my desktop


well actually i am about to build one of a celeron d base. I run a pentium d and love my windows games. Got tired of dual booting. But Ubuntu is just that good to warrant its own desktop. LOl wonder if the wife will mind another computer setup lol. Maybe it should be on my laptop. Hmm that is an idea. either way it is the best distro out. I like the capabilities to just work out of the box.

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