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Using Drivel to update your site.

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Joined: 2006-02-17

I like this Drivel program. I've been using it to update The question I have for you web developers is this. Is there a way I can get Drivel to update my website with the most minimal PHP and MySQL? Has someone already figured that out?

For instance, I could reverse-engineer how Drivel works with (one of the sites it can interface with and which probably has the easiest API?). I could then use PHP and MySQL to implement this same sort of interface (minimally) to some degree on my website. Then, I could use Drivel to update the site. If it's catchy and easy, and if there's a port of Drivel for Windows, I could provide this as a technique for other kinds of people to update their websites, such as the non-programmer type that people in political organizations that I participate in.


On another vein, they could update the content on and then through RSS syndication the political organization site could be automatically updated. Have any of you seen an example of this and can show me a link?

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Joined: 2005-12-21

Livejournal is open source, so why not install it Laughing .

But seriously, I have looked at the API of livejournal and it is quite big and powerful. It is also quite documented so you don't need to reverse engineer anything.

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