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Using tor in BLAG with Firefox

Tor is a toolset which helps anonymize ones self online. It's useful if you wish to keep your activities online anonymous.

After starting to read 'Database Nation: The Death of Privacy in the 21st Century' I've become more aware of how easy it is to have privacy violated, and it's effects on society.

Thus I decided to install tor on my desktop (which is running BLAG) for web browsing.

Open up a terminal and as root install the relevant software with:
yum install tor privoxy

Now open up the /etc/privoxy/config file (you'll need to be superuser) and add the following (with the . at the end) to the top of the file:


forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 .

Following this comment out the lines


logfile logfile



jarfile jarfile

- since you don't want to log what your doing.

After this restart privoxy and tor with:
su -c "/etc/init.d/privoxy restart && /etc/init.d/tor restart"

With this done open up Firefox and install the TorButton Extension. Restart Firefox.

Now when you open up Firefox you should have a toolbar button saying "Tor Enabled" or "Tor Disabled" - this is the button which allows you to toggle between using tor while web surfing or not.


Since you wrote such a

Since you wrote such a simple to follow tutorial on this I think I'll have to try tor myself. Smiling

It's probably very easy to apply this to any other distro. Just install privoxy the way you install any other software on a given distro.

So on Ubuntu it would be sudo apt-get install privoxy and since Ubuntu also uses init.d the other commands would be the same.

Edit: I digg this. Eye


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