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We need more people!

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Joined: 2006-01-31

We need more people (not that I don't mind a small, close-knit group of intelligent individuals :grinning: ). As of right now, there are 26 registered members. Let's aim for 100 members by the end of this month. Shocked

What strategies can we employ to get more people here? The only ideas I have involve spamming the hell out of places, which would not be good. Ideas, anyone?

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Joined: 2006-05-04

Two things are waiting on my TODO list that will make this possible:

1) Submit our SubTango theme to

2) Make an announcement about existance of because it hasn't been done yet. Smiling

So yeah, I gotta make these a priority. I thought of adding a couple of new features to the site before announcement (the solutions link box for example).

In addition to that I can do a few more link exchanges and I can remove some not absolutely needed banners from so that the nuxified one gets more impressions in less time. Smiling

Other ideas are welcome too, of course. Smiling

Joined: 2005-12-21

Just recommend it to people. If for example you're talking to someone in IRC about something GNU/Linux, such as a problem, recommend to them at the that you're part of this new and growing community of like-minded people who are interested in learning about GNU/Linux (and free software) and helping others with the knowledge they have to offer. :smiling:

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Joined: 2006-05-04

That's a good method as well. And as we grow steadily in number of relevant topics, as well as members those to whom this site is recommended would be more and more willing to join so alot of people can be brought in this way through time.


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