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Website content

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Website Content:

The structure of the website is, in my opinion, very satisfactory. I like the four-part layout, with:
- What is Linux
- Why not Windows (more generally an argument against proprietary software)
- Making the switch (friendly advice)
- About (I feel it's important)

However, there are a number of modifications we could make, to be more efficient, clearer and to the point. Here are a few, please suggest your own.

  • Linux section:
    - I will add a final page ("Freedom in Sofware explained") to be linked to from the bottom of the Linux page. Most people don't really understand free software and mistake it for some kind of anarcho-communism. This will be done within a month hopefully.
    - We could add a page with three or four simple screenshots, so that people can visualise Linux a little (recognise things like folders, firefox, etc, to feel at home).
  • .

  • Why not Windows:
    The page could be longer, including relevant excerpts from the four sub-sections.
    The problem now is that the reader either sticks to the page (that's too short) or starts reading all four sub-sections (that's too long for many, in my opinion). So, more details could be brought in to make it more self-standing.
  • .

  • Making the switch:
    Could be much improved.

    • The "Linux from Windows" page could be improved to be truer and more relevant, in particular the "What's not as good" section. What do users really miss when making the switch ?
    • The "Get it!" page should really be re-written and maybe split. The three important things I wanted to put across are 1) there exists several distributions; 2) The live CD and, 3) The dual boot. My opinion is that it doesn't work too well.
    • The ""Free Windows" page (which is mostly a copy of the website) maybe shouldn't be here at all.
    • There are many good resources, guides, dedicated forums around, for complete beginners. Maybe we could have a page pointing to some of those ?

Any extra suggestions, of course, are most welcome.


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"Linux from Windows" page

I think the "Linux from Windows" page should be moved to right after the "What is GNU/Linux?" page and renamed to "Why GNU/Linux?". With that move the "What's not as good in GNU/Linux" section to the general "Making the switch" page.

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Joined: 2006-07-13
re: "Linux from Windows" page

Thanks for the suggestion. I must say that I quite disagree with it.
My goal with that page was not to give reasons to switch (I think the reasons to switch are all in the "Why not Windows" page!), but rather to give friendly advice. Like answering people's concerns about being able to actually use and handle GNU/Linux.
I believe keeping the "What's not as good" section together with the rest is a real plus. It's what differentiates us from, say, a vendor. I tried to put in there what I told my friends when I convinced them to switch.

I hope this explaination better describes the pages and their intende role. Maybe, with the improvement of the "Why not Windows" page (that is coming up in a month or so, unless someone wants to do it before that), it will better fill its role of "Why GNU/Linux".


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