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Welcome on forum

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Joined: 2006-08-20

Hello All Nuxified!

As the forum is new and most of you might not even heard of, I probably should say a few words of introduction first.

The mission of the vortal is to provide tools to make the migration to GNU/Linux as easy and painless as possible. We want the vortal to be the second place (after which is I think a great introduction website) for Linux newbies to look at when they already decide they want to use a Linux system but don't know how to start. The detailed mission is available here:

And who we are? Well here's a short list of those responsible for all this mess:
- Borys Musielak aka michuk (yup, it's me) - the founder of the vortal, programmer and author of content
- pazkooda - corrections, articles, suggestions
- t_ziel - author of the BSD section, but that's only a part of what he does for the vortal
- Bob_R - our design and CSS guru - he designed and implemented the vortal looks and takes care of such things like making icons, logos, banners, etc

There is many more of us but I just mention the guys who work on the vortal on a regular basis. I hope that thanks to this forum, we'll get more people involved. We need new ideas, constructive criticism and some good will to help us getting better!

That's all for now. I hope you stay with us and use this forum to provide the feedback.

Best regards

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Thanks for the introduction.

Thanks for the introduction. I extend warm welcome to everyone coming from and elsewhere to discuss development.

This topic has been stickified. Smiling

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Joined: 2005-12-18
Hey, I would like to welcome

Hey, I would like to welcome all too. Please take a look at the other parts of the