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Welcome to reloaded (beta)!

Welcome everyone to the beginnings of a new web site! This site is now powered by Drupal, a powerful and highly extensible content management system and web development framework that just recently got it's newest and most amazing release which is of course now used here.

Thanks to Drupal we will be able to take this site in nearly any direction we would want. If we want a nice and functional articles system, it is already here. If we want to add something entirely unique, the tools to build it quickly are already available. No messy hacks that cause downtimes for every minor upgrade (which can often be the case with phpbb). With Drupal, everything should be possible and in a clean way.

Right now the theme of that you see is not complete. Among the things to change is the header and possibly some other minor elements that still add up, such as the color theme of the forum index (which is now pretty much default one).
Forums that you can see and use here are not phpbb, but an internal drupal forum module designed to at least look familiar to those who are coming from phpbb. It may not feel the same, but I am confident that you'll get used to it, as I am, especially after discovering certain unique features that it offers including the ability to use a rich text editor or a plain editor per your choice. Improvements can and will still be made in various ways, and you can play a part by posting your critiques and suggestions as well as feature requests. That way, we can know what everyone wants most and try to go for it. Given the flexibility that we now have here, I imagine alot of things will be possible.

So, we could call this stage a "beta" stage in a re-development of, where your input is as always highly appreciated to make the most of it. After we are all confident that the site is ready to go prime time in both functionality and look & feel we can call it a re-launch.
We said this was a merge between and and therefore now redirects here and its users that had any posts there have been imported here. Other content will be imported gradually as well enriching the resource pool of

There will be an FAQ/help section for you to refer to if you have any troubles figuring out what is where and how can you do something. Of course, feel free to ask any specific questions you might have in our questions and suggestions forum which is also the right place to make any suggestions about this site, though you can directly as well respond in comments to this post.

Thank you for coming and sticking with us through this change. I assure you that it would be worth it as this is the start of building a next generation, top notch Free Software support community site! And I do mean it! Eye




I'm very pleased with the


I'm very pleased with the NXFD layout and CMS. It's so beautiful! It's simple, clean, and nice to look at.

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