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What it means to be "Nuxified"?

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Joined: 2006-05-04

Let's hear those who know!

What it means for you to be Nuxified, that is, to be a GNU/Linux user and lovin' it? Tell us how it feels like. Even write a short story if that's how you'd like to express yourself as a GNU/Linux user.

Then I may put your feedback into a nice article titled "What it means to be Nuxified". Eye

For me, it is freedom and all that comes from it. It's not just some kind of hippie feel good thing. It's the real thing. I like being in control over what I can do on my computer, how will my desktop look and feel and how will I run my software. I like the ease of installing software and updating my system which feels like being one with the network. With just one command I can update my system to the latest stuff the rapidly evolving world of GNU/Linux has to offer. It's like being at the top and riding the waves of progress. Smiling I feel like I am using the most advanced operating system in existance, or at the least the most "advancing" operating system.

I guess it all comes down to the abundance of choices and possibilities. What else to say.. maybe I get some ideas once you share yours... Smiling


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Joined: 2005-12-20
It's real freedom. I'm free

It's real freedom. I'm free to choose what web browser I have installed, to really try a program risk-free (and if I like it I don't have to promise not to share it), to use software made by people that care about more than making one sale, and to reuse something reusable (my OS installers on multiple computers).

libervisco wrote:

and lovin' it?

Please don't make Nuxified into McDonald's.

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