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What job/orientation

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7% (1 vote)
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14% (2 votes)
Total votes: 14


What is your job's orientation?


What do you do, for a living, and what does it involve?

I was thinking about this last night and was wondering what us lot have an orientation to, IT, medical, flying or something like that?

Me? Student... for now

I work for a global financial company. I cannot reveal the name, of course, because my buddies from there know I post here and read this. We have rules against how much we reveal. (I'm posting this from home so that I don't get in trouble for posting at the office.)

Most of my work is sysop work with a server room, and my specialty is Linux and scripting. I was a web developer, but can't get gigs in my area for PHP/PostgreSQL, and refuse to migrate to anything else. Therefore, I moonlight at night on some project that uses PHP and PostgreSQL, hopefully to spin it out into a startup company. My company prefers to use Lotus Notes and an obscure technology of Webspeed and Progress on Linux, but that's not my style. Luckily I can still do a little PHP and PostgreSQL for my own projects in the office.

I have purely worked in IT since on year after college. I've done nothing else. My degree is in English because originally I wanted to become a lawyer. I had a lot of college debt and I started doing tech writing to pay it off, but then my coworkers convinced me that my true love was computers and to just take classes and become a high-priced Novell CNE. I did take that advice and it changed my life. I first did sysop work, then switched to tech support at IBM and Microsoft, then dumped all Novell work and got into VB programming, then sysop work, then more VB programming, then ASP programming, then VS.NET programming, then Java programming, and then finally landed a sysop job and taught myself PHP, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

My salary is mega low. I mean, it's average and I feel my skills are far above average. I've complained about it. It's getting nowhere. I can't move away because my wife and children are too happy here. My wife's career has blossomed. So I'm stuck. We also inherited land that's been passed down for 150 years, and we share it with relatives, so to leave and sell our chunk of it would be like mutiny. Therefore, I'm stuck. My only ways out are to find some kind of lucrative telecommute opportunity, or win the lottery, or to get my moonlight FLOSS startup off the ground.


Or maybe you could do elancing, like, on the side. might help you

A colourful past, you have Eye

I am a student in reality.
I work at a supermarket [Co-Op] currently part time, but tend to do full time hours in over time....
Also used to work at a restaurant...

I'm a student.


I work for a quality control company, most of the time I'm busy coding PHP, from next week on I'll have to learn ASP because our ASP-guy quit. Rolling Eyes
The rest of the time I take care of my Linux-server and try to do something ab