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What weather do you like best?

57% (4 votes)
43% (3 votes)
neither hot nor cold
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 7



Cold ftw.

Personally like it hot. Oposite of cold, cause cold you need to wrap up and make sure your not cold. Hot you just wear minima/normal clothes. And if your too hot take cover under all the trees we have hear. Or even swim in the loch. How I miss last summer....

Definitely hot. No need to rely on heaters and clothing to survive. :evilgrin:

Damn.. I didn't read the question and thought it's asking what weather is here currently. I'm so stoopid. :smt101

But I really prefer hot weather for pretty much same reasons you already mentioned. Cold just binds you to heaters and warm rooms..

Heat just binds you to air conditioning.

I prefer warm weather

"a thing" wrote:

Heat just binds you to air conditioning.

heh, doesnt really get that hot here Smiling


I definitely prefer cold.

When I lived in Pakistan, it got up to 50 degrees celsius (not sure farenheit) and for the whole day I was stuck jumping from room to room to keep cool.

In the cold just put some clothes on.

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