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When translations are complete

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I think it is time to discuss how exactly we are going to integrate the translations into the website.
What I propose for now is to stick to static HTML. There are too few changes to the website to use a CMS right away, in my opinion.

I suggest to use the following structure (I take the Spanish translation of the Windows page, "es", as an example)

English (original website):
redirect there: and

redirect there: and a possible

And on top of every page (above the header), a tab for each language ( en - es - fr etc) so it's possible to see the translation of each page directly by clicking on it. A javascript script could be used, instead of plain html, in the links.

Possibly, those main translators who wish it could have access to the stats and/or ftp access to the section. Please however don't be offended if I change my mind or don't grant this easily - I am very afraid of getting cracked in.

What do you think?

Coming soon: I will set up an infrastructure to better organise projects. Hopefully by the end of this week.